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Are you looking to set your organisation on fire? Well there's no need to look any further than Frazer. His experience, expertise and passion for Network Marketing and Social Media is second to none.

Frazer is known for his high energy and ability to ignite the fire in the audience. His way of training is extremely relatable, entertaining, and comes from an angle of someone who has actually been around the industry his entire life.

Frazer teaches core skills, social media, and leadership, as well as the importance of Network Marketing due to his unique story of growing up with 2 successful parents in the industry.

You wont just get another presentation, but an actionable step by step strategy to implement.
  • How To Build Your Business Using Social Media With A Simple Daily Method Of Operation!
  • The Social Media Journey To Success!
  • How To Be An Unstoppable Recruiter!
  • ​The Power Of Network Marketing From A Kid In The Profession!
  • ​Anything that you feel your Network Marketing audience would benefit from the most.
Frazer has spoken on stages for many of the top 100 companies in the Network Marketing space in 32 countries. He has also spoken at many different team events. 
"I recently invited Frazer to my home in Las Vegas to be one of our key speakers for the first ever Social Media Summit. He has absolutely cracked the code when it comes to creating engagement, conversation, connection with your audience... whatever that audience is. I was so impressed that he will be one of our speakers at GoPro Recruiting Mastery this year."
Eric Worre
Owner & Founder of Network Marketing Pro
"Frazer Brookes is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have during our conference in 2017. The material truly resonated with our audience, the value he provides is incredible, modern and most importantly current. He is fantastic. Combining humour, examples, and an informal presentation, he has passed the tips, knowledge and different techniques our audience could take-away and use within their business straight away. The whole presentation kept our audience engaged and fired up. He is definitely the speaker like no others and any one who uses social media within their business will benefit from his experience tremendously. We have already booked Frazer to be our keynote speaker for our 2018 conference."
Anita Sieniuc
"We recently had Frazer Brookes come and speak to a large group of leaders and distributors at our event. He did phenomenal! The content he shared inspired and empowered all those there. What he taught regarding the industry and social media is very relevant and is something that everyone is going to need to know. One of the reasons he connected with the crowd was because he is authentic and real!

It is obvious he is teaching from experience as someone who has done it. He did it with energy and passion, and in a neutral way with love towards the industry. I’m always a little nervous bringing in someone new, especially when there will be translation, but even with translation it was smooth and there wasn’t a problem following his training.

Anyone thinking of having someone come speak at an event who can teach and share on how to not get left behind on social media by using it properly. I would highly endorse and recommend Frazer Brookes. I’m know we will have him come again. I was very impressed!"
Byron Belka
CEO & Founder Rain International
"Having Frazer as a guest speaker was just amazing. He did 2 talks for our team and the feedback we had was incredible, both from the leaders and from the new distributors. I already knew he was great but I never saw him speak live. I was just mind blown!! We actually booked him right away and will continue to do so. Events are key to our business and Frazer is one of the best."
João Magalhães
Top Leader Lyconet Portugal 
We were extremely happy to welcome Fraser Brookes as speaker at our annual VABO-N Convention.

He not only convinced the crowd with his high quality and valuable content, such as suggestions that leaders could immediately use with a direct outcome, but also with his exceptional personality and performance on stage. Being able to communicate knowledge and training skills without cutting down on fun and the amount of laughs makes him outstanding! He embodies the values of modern teaching and coaching.

By following his mission to help people getting more successful, his involvement even continues after his talk while providing personal coaching to various leaders. He expressly took the time off stage to cover a variety of topics in depth. We can warmly recommend Frazer.
Nina Dvoracek
Founder VABO-N
2,000 People in Oslo, Norway
Private Event in Copenhagen, Denmark
Private Event In Lisbon, Portugal
2 Events in UK
Success Summit Extract
Company Event in Vienna, Austria
If you are serious about hiring Frazer to speak at your event, use the button above or email the team at info@frazerbrookes.com - we can then share with you example footage of previous events.
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