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Frazer is a second generation Network Marketer. After attending his first event in 1987 in the womb of his mother, he went on to see his parents earn 8 figures from the industry. 

In 2010 he decided to begin his career as a distributor and was able to build a business of over 300,000 customers starting from social media!

After consulting with many companies and coaching leaders in different companies he made the decision to go 100% into generic coaching, speaking and consulting.
Since January 2017 Frazer has been able to:
  • Speak on stage in 30 different countries generically
  • Start Success Summit, the biggest generic event in Europe
  • Spoken on stage with Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, Eric Worre, Sylvester Stallone and more
  • Author of 2 Best Selling Books 'I Dare You' and 'I Double Dare You'
  • And has helped hundreds of thousands of Networkers around the world to start, promote and grow their businesses online.

Great to see that you have come across this page and want to get to know me a bit better.

Some of you reading this may or may not know me already, perhaps you have seen me speak at an event around the world, been on a webinar, checked out a Facebook Live, own one of my courses, gone through one of my bootcamps or spoken with me in the past. Maybe a friend of yours that has made an income online told you about me and that I can help you. OR maybe you have no idea who I am, and happen to be reading this by chance.

Either way, I am happy you are here.

My story has a different beginning than most because it actually started at a Network Marketing event. My mother carried me in her womb to an event her and my father attended on 26th October 1987.

They decided to join the industry on that day and have been full time Network Marketing Professionals ever since.

I have been fortunate enough to grow up around the industry, seeing my parents go from $1,000 a month, so 3 years later earning over $80,000 per month and sustaining that for over 10 years!

Because of this I got involved in personal development since the age of 5. I used to listen to cassettes of Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale & Larry Thompson in my Dads car when he took me around the country with him building his business. Not only that but my entire life I have attended home meetings, one on one’s, leadership weekend retreats, business seminars, public speaking events and more…

Then everything changed!

I turned 18, my Dad approached me and said…

Frazer, now it is time for you to join your first ever Network Marketing business!

I looked at him straight in the eyes and told him NO.

The thing is, I was heavily introverted and super shy. Growing up I had a really gummy smile and because of that I hardly opened my mouth and it just got worse and worse.

I had travelled around the world with my father, and he was always the one holding the marker pens and drawing the compensation plan, showing the products and doing the motivational talks. I thought to myself, if thats what I need to do in order to be successful then Network Marketing is not for me!

I said no for 4 years!

On April 8th 2010 it all changed again… I had a realisation…

Network Marketing could be built using the internet!!!! Finally a way for me to potentially build a Network Marketing business without having to be at the front of the room doing presentations and drawing circles!

I told my dad I was going to join and he actually told me that it wouldn’t work!

No one has ever built a business in Network Marketing using the internet!

I said that it is the only way I would join and he couldn’t do anything to stop me…

I went on to build a team of over 300,000 customers from all over the World.

This was all using Free Facebook Strategies!!!!

That attracted the attention of many people within the industry, which meant I began to consult for different Network Marketing companies helping with their social media strategy, compensation plans and even some compliance advice.

Then it all changed…. AGAIN!

I was being approached by a number of people in the industry asking me for help and guidance building online.

Remember, in 2010 there was no one teaching how to use Facebook to build a business, especially outside of America.

The Facebook Messenger wasn’t out, the Facebook mobile app didn’t exist and there were 300 million users (now there are close to 2 billion users).

I was beginning to establish myself as the go-to guy when wanting to know how to build a business using Facebook without spending a single penny in advertising!

Since 2010 I have been helping Network Marketers set their businesses on fire using social media. I have helped thousands of people around the world overcome the number one issue in the industry which is running out of people to talk to.

I decided to create The Ninja Networker in 2017, a community of Network Marketers wanting to build their business using Social Media. What started as idea ended up with over 2,000 Networkers in its first year!

Now I spend my time travelling the world speaking for different team events, company conventions and leaders retreats. 

I hope that I will have the chance to help you through one of my webinars, bootcamps, Facebook Lives, YouTube videos, live events or something else.

Thanks for reading,

Frazer Brookes
"I recently invited Frazer to my home in Las Vegas to be one of our key speakers for the first ever Social Media Summit. He has absolutely cracked the code when it comes to creating engagement, conversation, connection with your audience... whatever that audience is. I was so impressed that he will be one of our speakers at GoPro Recruiting Mastery this year."
Eric Worre
Founder of Network Marketing Pro
Frazer opens up spots twice a year for the chance to work with him for a 90 day period.
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