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  • How To Create The Perfect Posts
    When you uncover this you will be able to create the perfect posts to build influence, create authority and generate leads. 
  • How To Generate More Traffic
    This simple, but highly effective strategy, will help drive more traffic to your social media profile, increasing the number of people who friend, follow and message you.
  • How To Say The Right Things
    Knowing what to say can be one of the reasons why you are not succeeding from your social media efforts. You will discover the killer lines to get people moving in the right direction towards joining.
  • How To Close More People Than Ever Before
    Closing, urgh, sends shivers down my spine. But after you have completed the course you will have unlocked Frazer's secret weapon on how he was able to close like a machine! 
  • How To Become An Influencer
    Whether you want to or not, you will learn the process to creating more social media likeability and visibility, which will increase engagement and more.
  • How To Master Social Media
    With the lessons inside, you will get a crystal clear daily method of operation which will allow you to dominate social media for whatever product, service or opportunity you are a part of. 
My network marketing career began in 1987, but I wasn't born until 1988...

I was very privileged and blessed to have a great start to the beginning of my Network Marketing career with both my parents being successful network marketers.  

But as time progressed, and as I wanted to grow my skills, I started to look out for more courses and ways to improve, especially in the social media space. 

I was reading books, listening to audios, investing in courses, but one thing I found, was there was never a one-stop shop, one place for me to get all the ideas, the tips, the tricks, for me to be able to go back to when I needed, in order to learn the necessities, and the depth of social media. 
So the Social Media Shortcut was created as a guide, a reference, a resource for you to be able to master how to create the perfect posts, how to get more traffic onto your profile, what to do to connect with the right people, how to communicate with them, the perfect daily method of operation, how to get better at prospecting, what to do to better follow-up, duplication, communication, and more of the same.

As I started to put the lessons together throughout my career, along with advice from million dollar mentors of mine, the more and more I started to believe that people needed to access this, but I kept it to myself.

I kept it close to my chest, only my team could access it. 

But when I made the jump to go into generic Network Marketing coaching, I chose to focus on social media because that was where my strength lied.  

Every day that went by more and more people started to become successful using my social media training, and it resulted in them approaching me saying,  

"Frazer, please show me more Network Marketing skills!"  

So, I made a decision to release my Social Media Shortcut to the those who are willing to invest in themselves. 
What's Included?
Creating Highly Engaging Content
In this module you will discover some of the best posts to make on social media and a posting plan to stay consisteny, increase engagement and get a spike in your algorithm.
Commenting Your Way To Success
In this module I walk you through exactly what I do on a daily basis in just a few minutes a day which helps me attract highly targetted prospects. It's free, highly duplicatable and fun to do. 
Connecting With The World
In this module I will show you exactly how to find and attract the right people to follow you, turn them into fans, and what to say in order to convert them into customers or distributors.
Communicating With Strangers
In this module you will uncover the secrets to turning strangers into friends, friends into family and what exactly to say in order to get people wanting to buy from you with little to no objection.
Closing Like A Pro
In this module I will share some of my most effective closing lines that are easy to do, and get great responses. If you master this skill your business will see a dramatic improvement.
Get Instant Access Now TO The Social Media Shortcut 
For Network Marketing Professionals
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If after 14 days you don't get value, don't like Frazer's style, or simply don't want to complete it, just email the team to request a refund, and it will be given, no questions asked. We want to make this course a win-win for you!
"I recently invited Frazer to my home in Las Vegas to be one of our key speakers for the first ever Social Media Summit. He has absolutely cracked the code when it comes to creating engagement, conversation, connection with your audience... whatever that audience is. I was so impressed that he will be one of our speakers at GoPro Recruiting Mastery this year."
Eric Worre
Founder of Network Marketing Pro
Frequently asked Questions
QUESTION: Does The Training Involve Screen Sharing?
YES. Frazer shares his screen throughout the entire training walking you through exactly where to go, what to do, and what to say. It is the most comprehensive, easy to follow training in the industry.

QUESTION: Is This Suitable For All Experience Levels? 
If you are a newbie to Network Marketing or social media, then it is a perfect walkthrough. If you are experienced then you will fill in the gaps where you were going wrong. Either way, it is the ideal course for those wanting to improve their results on social media.

QUESTION: How Is This Different To Any Other Social Media Course?
Frazer is the leading expert in Network Marketing when it comes to social media, especially from a generic point of view. His trainings are simple and easy to understand, you are not sold the next thing to unlock the secrets, it is all given in the course. 

QUESTION: How Long Does It Take For It To Pay Off For Me?  
Some have seen results in 1 hour, others a few days. It depends on how fast you are prepared to implement the training. Frazer keeps it simple to understand so you know exactly what to do after each lesson. 
Need Help Ordering or have Questions?
If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us.
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