WARNING: The Inner Circle Is Limited To A Select Number Of People!
a quick message from frazer
Over the last few years I have travelled world, speaking on stages in more than 30 countries. 

It's been a lot of fun!

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with company owners, board members, industry veterans, eight, seven and six figure income earners.

It has become so clear to me what people need the most in order to succeed, and why those who win, win big, and those who struggle, struggle for a long time.
The four main challenges people in the industry are facing are:

1. Lead generation
2. Recruiting
3. Duplication 
4. Communication/Retention

Since I started coaching in the industry I have helped many people with the above through my YouTube videos, Facebook Lives, emails, events, interviews, communities and talks.
But, there has been one big problem...

Even when people know what they have to do, they struggle, they need to be told exactly what to do and report to someone with their results. 

I have identified through my own success, experience growing up in the industry and what I have discovered from other successful Network Marketers that there is a proven process to success:

1. Learn the right skills that are necessary for your results

There are a lot of people being trained just for the sake of being trained. You need to be trained on the things that are relevant for the part of your journey you are in right now.

2. Have access to the right person when you are stuck

In most cases, people search for the HOW, when in reality you need the WHO. Trying to figure out how something works can take you days, but when you have someone who you can contact to get the answer, someone who knows what you need to do in order to succeed, thats where the magic happens!

3. Having a successful accountability partner 

It can be a very lonely journey to wherever it is you want to go. Having someone who can guide you, set you relevant tasks, and keep you on track will ensure you complete your work on time, so you get the success you deserve faster.

4. Mastermind with others like you to see whats working worldwide

Did you know that masterminds are the most powerful type of events you can attend? The coming together of 2 or more minds, that brainstorm to create a master mind. 

In summary, when you know what to do, and you have someone to guide you when you're stuck you will go further, faster. But when you are also being set tasks to complete with reporting once done and the ability to mastermind with a group of people on a similar mission to you, you will become unstoppable.  

If you are able to get all of the above, then maybe you don't need my help. 

However, if you are missing in any of the 4 points above, I would like you to take a closer, and serious look at my Inner Circle program.
Frazer's inner circle program includes:
ONGOING In-depth TRAINING modules ($8,000 value)
These modules are designed to specifically address the major challenges you’re facing. Here I share my biggest secrets to success. You will learn all the formulas for attracting your target market, building a profitable brand, and creating a powerful duplication system. 
REGULAR ONLINE MASTERMIND Zoom Sessions ($5,000 value)
Join Frazer with the other Inner Circle Members to discuss challenges, successes, goals, values, opinions and more. This gives you the chance to learn from others as well as get advice from Frazer. Also you will hear the latest up to date strategies that Frazer discovers from his travels around the world.
personal text & audio access to Frazer ($3,000 VALUE)
Whenever you need help, guidance or support you can privately message Frazer and he will get back to you with the answer to help you move forward. This is basically unlimited coaching advice. This alone can save you a ton of time and money. 
Monthly Accountability Reports Personally Reviewed By Frazer ($3,000)
You will have the chance to get your activity personally reviewed and feedback given. This will keep you on track, and it allows Frazer to hold you accountable to your progress. 
Access to THE exclusive Facebook Group (priceless)
Get feedback from others in the Inner Circle, share successes and struggles. This allows you to stay plugged into Frazer's most powerful group, build friendships and get the advice needed to go to the next level. This will be the most valuable group in all of Network Marketing.
$19,000 total inner circle value
3 PAYMENTS OF £300/MONTh   or  ONE PAYMENT £800/year
VAT is not included
If you have any questions feel free to message Frazer by clicking here